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If your company needs help with marketing and sales, Tony Bilby and the VegaTech team can help open the door to high level clients.  We provide a step-by-step customized and process proven methodology to get the door open to top level decision makers.  If your technology, platform, or services make sense - we will create awareness with the big companies that invest heavily in IT.
Network Centric
Central control and management, infrastructure peformance, application performance, network peformance, WAN optimization, SAAS acceleration, unified communications, converging branch infrastructure, software defined datacenter, business continuity and disaster recovery, issue and asset discovery.



Cyber Security
Mobile, file system and storage, endpoint, forensics, email, network, and defense that adapts to persistent and ever-changing threats.
New DataCenter Design
Eliminating infrastructure design of old at the datacenter. A single platform combining compute, storage, network, and additional elements of the technology stack. A consolidated approach massively reduces infrastructure footprint, power, and cooling. Extremely scalable compute, storage, and highly functioning applications to support any cloud endeavor.

Application optimization, analysis, migration. Optimization of application solution stacks via technology insertion. High velocity, volume, variety data gathered from many sources and the professional services expertise needed to leverage the best technologies and data sets to harness captured disparate information.

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