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  • Tony Bilby

Cool Future Inventions

I was doing research on cool inventions and came across this from Brightside:

1. The hoodie with the inflatable pillow? Yes, teenagers would definitely use that all the time!

2. The alarm clock that won't turn off until you put two feet on it? That is brilliant and would definitely work for people that continuously hit the snooze button!

3. I like the cup that catches a drop of tea or coffee. That happens all the time with me. So, totally cool.

4. The stroller cycle is cool. I'd use this one with my kids for sure.

5. Chocolate slices? Any sugar junky would love it.

6. USB charger is brilliant. Generating power from the warmth or cool of your drink is definitely a great idea.

7. The sticky tape I would use all the time. That's definitely handy!

Tony Bilby

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