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  • Tony Bilby

The best way to generate leads.

I can certainly use help generating leads and I will employ any strategy that makes sense. In sales, after all the forecast meetings and management reviews, after all the reading and researching to better your sales approach and knowledge, one of the most valuable activities is customer meetings. So, how do you go about getting them?

I like Iannarino’s blog (click on the picture) regarding the Hustler’s Playbook:

Not enough activity: Less talking amongst peers and vendor sales partners and more doing. Locate your targets and set the meeting. Strategies abound: via events, calling, emailing, or networking through influencers to get to the meeting, set the meeting and get a face-to-face.

Not the right activity: Are you employing the right activity? Have you done the right activity for long enough? If you are doing the same thing all the time and achieving the same results, or no results, find successful people within your network and ask what they are doing to be successful.

Good luck out there!

Tony Bilby

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