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Define Your Emotional Health

Tony Bilby - Man Running on Beach

Tony Robbin's makes sense in his article "Master Your Emotional Health And Master Your Life" (click on picture to get to Tony Robbins).

He talks about three important aspects: Physiology, Language, and Focus.

Physiology - Tony talks about slumping and bad posture which I unfortunately sometimes engage in. I think learning to put your shoulders back, standing up, and not slouching can most certainly put you into a more positive state.

Language - language, language, language. This is essential. Spin situations, no matter how challenging, into positive and potentially life learning scenarios. I definitely see the advantages of turning this into habit.

Focus - Don't pay attention to fear. Pay attention to positive things you want and a positive end state. Living in fear or apprehension does nothing. If you drift to worry drift to safety and positive affirmations.

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