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  • Tony Bilby

We don't take no for an answer!

Traditional closing techniques vary, but enclosed is a humorous and interesting mix of what not to do and situations that every sales rep has seen before.

Now in all seriousness, and in general, I see a number of different scenarios:

1. Asking those important closing questions! This is self explanatory. Ask about a problem, lead the customer to the pains and visualizing that problem, describe your solutions and "wouldn't if be great if?"

2. Summarizing what you have already talked about and emphasizing those important points that you have already discussed. Little agreements, and more little agreements, and then solidifying the big agreement.

3. Establishing the sense of urgency or "now or never" scenario. This might include excess equipment inventory that is available for a short time at large discounts. Or big discounting that you know will expire by the end of the month.

Be creative and good luck!

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