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How many moves do you have going into 2020?

My German grandfather was a great chess player.  I would consider him a “Master” chess player back in the day.  That means, like Patrick Bet-Davids keynote mentions, he was probably about 6 - 10 moves ahead of me in the game.  

As an adult, I’m sure I might be 1 - 3 moves ahead in the game of life, but can you imagine if I was or you were 6 to 10 moves ahead in the game of life?  Sure, I’ve made a list of goals going into 2020, and I’ve set my sites, but do I have I listed all the steps to get there? That’s the challenging part, of course, the details.  Details, details, details.

And considering where I want to be:  Entrepreneur, sales, solopreneur? I think I know the answer to that question, but I just need to get there.

Where are you?

Time for us to sharpen our skills in 2020 and get moving!

Tony Bilby

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