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Pushing Yourself for Better Leadership

Steve Jobs - a great leader example for Tony Bilby

Make sure to find a leader that you can truly follow or embrace. You can't lead others by example if you haven't been led, at some point, by another great leader's example. So, find a mentor or a great leader that you admire, that identifies with who you are, and emulate their best qualities. Figure out who inspires you and get going!

Make sure you have a sound methodology and can successfully inspire and motivate. The last thing you want your co-workers or employees to feel like is that they have to follow you because of your title or because they have to. Working in an environment where employees fear demotion, being fired, or generally being chastised for not doing good work will eventually lead a team or a workplace down a toxic path.

Write a list of all of your great qualities and then all of the qualities where you think you could improve. Be creative and always try different approaches. If you are not reading, studying, and working on becoming better you will quickly lose grasp of the leadership role. Ask others for opinions on what you are doing and how you are doing it. It's important you own yourself as a leader and lead. That means leading by understanding, awareness, and with a sense of purpose believing you are doing what is right and not by self motivated or ego focused interests.

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