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Tony Bilby - Overcoming Obstacles

Let's follow Sincinski's article (click on picture to get to it) as I think much of it makes sense.

He talks about some of the landmines:

First there are the personal ones:

Avoidance of pain, lack of patience, lack of discipline and knowledge, procrastination, excuses, complaining, and the list goes on. I have plenty, we all have plenty personal reasons why we can't pick up and start doing. Figure out your most significant negative ones and gravitate to others that are the opposite of those traits. As an example, if you tend to think pessimistically or negatively, find a mentor or spend time with someone who is the polar opposite. Now if you find someone that's completely blind with faith and lives in the clouds then consider a more balanced approach, but ultimately work on your biggest drawbacks and try to transform those traits.

Social Obstacles:

Find the right people. If socially you are surrounding yourself with people that generally don't care about others, are self centered, and are unwilling or unable to be productive, get away from them as quickly as possible. In business especially, you want people that are smarter than you, achieve significantly, and are willing to help mentor, provide feedback, and help network you to the next level.

Environmental Obstacles:

As discussed, plan ahead. Prepare and then over prepare. Study. Use hindsight, foresight, and insight to set yourself apart from everyone else. Being really good doesn't require a degree in physics. Study, learn, learn from the past, prepare for the future, and you will find that most situations in business fall into your hand.

Tony Bilby

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